Amusement park automation

Amusement park automation

( amusement automation )

The most industrial amusement park automation and card reader in the region

Can be used in all weather conditions from -30 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius.

Using the best and most up-to-date and high-quality standard modules used in European countries.

The first waterproof amusement park automation at the level of the region that can be installed in outdoor and indoor spaces.
High resistance to sunlight and high summer heat and humid environments.
Can be used in air temperature (-30) to (+80) degrees Celsius.
Card readers under the WIFI network (decreasing, increasing, credit display).

Automation function:

Smart automation function online and offline (Online/Offline).
Very high speed in identifying contactless cards.
Using a Wifi network platform with high security and no noise compared to similar wireless models.

Communication with the server in noisy and crowded environments with a range of at least 500 meters.
The mental peace of the amusement park manager, to collect cash from the amusement park area.
Helping to increase the income of the Amusement Park by more than thirty percent.
Presenting the financial balance in various graphs of amusement park automation.

Creating extraordinary financial security.
Various sales and income generating methods.
Definition of the infinity of the box and the infinity of the game machine.
Determining different access levels for users.

Can be used on the Internet if the manager wants. and communication with the whole system for reporting from all parts of the world.
The possibility of connecting a thermal printer by providing game reports and charges to the customer.
The ability to use in restaurants and coffee shops in amusement and the possibility of reporting and issuing receipts.
Phone number for ordering and more information: 09330037000 .

it would definitely be said :

Amusement park automation is the beating heart of any amusement park. If it malfunctions due to environmental conditions or mistakes and bugs in its design, it will have a direct effect on the sale of the amusement park.

A good automation can bring the amusement park manager to peace of mind even without being present in the amusement park complex. And in case of malfunction, it causes customer dissatisfaction and lack of customer trust. And with the crowding of ticket booths, it causes customers to withdraw from continuing to attend the amusement park.

Disadvantages of using LCD in amusement park automation

According to proven experience, the use of LCD in reducing card readers due to its noise sensitivity in the amusement park area, which is full of EMI noise, causes the LCD to hang. And nothing is shown on the screen or locked, which requires turning off and turning on the game device to restart it. This is considered a big flaw.

Another disadvantage of using LCD is the lack of 100% performance in outdoor amusement parks. Because the sunlight will damage the LCD card reader of the amusement park. Also, extreme cold will freeze and damage it.

LCD manufacturing technology is such that liquid crystal is used in its structure. And in the sunlight, its liquid dries up, and in the cold, its liquid crystal freezes, and after a while, the screen turns black.

Even in normal use, its liquid crystal has a long life, and due to continuous use and the heat of the device’s LCD bakelite, its liquid gradually dries up and disappears. Therefore, this company has considered this matter in its designs, and while using 7-SEGMENT instead of LCD in other parts used in the production of Shahr Bazi’s decreasing and increasing card readers, it has used the best available parts. The operating temperature range of our automations is wide.

Below are the key points in choosing to buy automation:

1 – Card security:

There is a lot of information about the security of cards and their non-hacking. We are going to discuss one of the easiest ways to hack the card password of the amusement park, which can lead to the death of an automation system in that amusement park. By placing the electronic spy interface that an electronics engineer can easily make, between the card reader microcontroller and the used MIFARE-READER module in the card reader and control and SPY data exchanged between them, it can be used as a password. Accessed in the cards and The automation of the amusement park was hacked and financial abuse took place. And with mobile software for NFC, It added the amount of charge.

Ghaem Electronics Technical and Engineering Company with its experience in such matters using the unique MIFARE READER module Once the password is stored in it at the beginning of construction, and in its future functions, there is no need to exchange the password in each card swipe transaction between the microcontroller and the module. use this system.

2- Communication of card readers with each other:

Communication between card readers and the server is very important. The methods are different. Some people prefer their connection with network wiring, which will cause disruption in communication and slowness of the system and many calculation mistakes. Because first of all, a long wiring must be made for each card reader, and secondly, the same issue of EMI noise sits on the length of the wiring and disrupts the operation.

Some people choose their communication using wireless modules mainly on two frequencies of 315 or 433.92 MHz, which is also due to the amateur nature of these frequencies and the use of those frequencies in car remote controllers and household uses such as shutters. Electric or door openers cause frequency interference and bring the same disadvantages mentioned above.

Ghaem electronics engeniering company , by using the ultra-professional WIFI module with industrial use with a range of at least 500 meters, sending data without error, which reaches 1000 meters if an access point is installed, and European antennas with 5DB reducing card readers have this promise that no longer Don’t even think about disconnecting the card readers from the server.

3 – How automations work:

How to design in this Automation It is in such a way that the system is intelligent ONLINE/OFFLINE act and for any reason the connection of the card readers with the server is interrupted OFFLINE It gives the customer’s answer and deducts the credit from the card and plays the game and sends the data to the server with the first communication with the server.

In this way, even with turning off and Burning server computer The amusement park complex also responds well to customers, and on busy nights, for example, for an amusement park with 100 game machines, if every hundred of them draw cards with the customers, all the games start within one second.

Ghaem Electronics Engineering and Technology Company is ready to provide free consultation for the purchase of amusement park automation systems at any hour of the day and night.

For this purpose and for free consultation during all office or non-office hours, you can contact the manager of the electronics department at the number +989100500068 ( Whatsapp ) .

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