bowling club

bowling club


A very beautiful amusement park bowling with classic design in standard dimensions.
Can be produced from at least two lines to higher depending on the buyer’s location and customer’s request.
The ability to change the dimensions of the device. 27 Meter Standard device .
Add lines in pairs . Bowling is not able to produce as many people as possible.

A copy of the bowling model of the Brunswick American company with the same quality, dimensions and accuracy

Description of amusement park bowling

Bowling has many fans in all countries, especially in our country. In some high-level places, we see famous bowling alleys installed and have many customers. Like Maryam Kish bowling and Abdo Tehran bowling.

The mechanical and electronic system of bowling is very sensitive and unfortunately, some colleagues are making and presenting bowling at a lower level, and they are not careful enough in production and manufacturing, and in addition to the malfunctioning of the machine, they have caused many problems for the customer. It is enough to look at some of the amusement parks and see their damaged and disabled lines that only occupy space in the amusement parks.

In addition to its technical knowledge, in the past years, this company has tried to use the technical knowledge of other prominent companies in the world, such as Brunswick, America, and Chinese companies, to make maximum use of the advantages of others and equivalent techniques, and in observing some shortcomings foreign samples, improve them and produce the best.

We respect our product and consider online and real-time bowling support as a serious matter. Because considering the high income of bowling in commercial centers and amusement parks, we know that sleeping in any lane will cause great damage to the buyer.

Foreign bowling needs support from abroad. In any case, mechanical failure can be repaired in the country. But software problems require communication from abroad. In our productions, zero to one hundred jobs are done inside the country and we have no dependence on foreign countries.

Trust us, we appreciate your trust and will repay it with good product quality and excellent support.

All components and consumables are supported by us.


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