VR CUBE virtual reality game

VR CUBE Game – VR CUBE is a beautiful, exciting and lucrative game for the amusement park.

Construction of Ghaem Electronics Technical and Engineering Company

Five VR amusement park games (virtual reality games) in one package

1 – Elevator VR game

2 – Beat saber VR game

3 – Fruit Ninja VR game

4 – VR game , gun shooting game

5- VR game, sports game (skiing)

In order to reduce the Customer’s costs, we have presented a virtual reality cube package in a creative idea. This package has five exciting game models that you have bought five virtual reality games together with one purchase saving the amount you paid.

The special and unique capabilities of the above VR game in the Middle East are as follows:

A – It has an eight-key remote control with a range of 2000 meters to select the game and run it without the need for the operator to contact the keyboard and computer.

With the ability to connect to the automation of the amusement park in such a way that it does not play until cards are played. Therefore, many violations are prevented by the operator.

C – Very beautiful design of VR game with composite view.

D- Multipurpose VR game package for the first time in the world.

And – the very reasonable price of the VR game.

The quality of the VR game Headset used:

Amusement Park VR game (virtual reality Headset ) This device is produced in 2021 with 4K image quality, which is one of the best brands of VR virtual reality Headset that does not cause dizziness to the customer, has a very long life and is stable. One of the most important results of the work output of any VR game product is the quality of the Headset , if it is low and makes the customer dizzy , after using it once, the customer will never go to that game For second time.

Therefore, in the Amusement Park VR game, our suggestion is to be careful in buying the quality of the Headset , especially the graphics card and computer performance of the Amusement Park VR game. Unfortunately, at lower prices only for the immediate sale of the product by some colleagues, and by using Used And Old equipment that has extended its lifespan, and then buying it causes many problems, and the low quality of the Headset has caused customers to avoid the amusement park. Practically, the device will not have customers to play after two months of purchase. Something that our respected customers have told us many times and they are looking for a good product.

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Virtual reality Headset , amusement VR game – amusement park automation.

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